Important Points

Listed below are important points outlining the benefits our exclusive treatment line offers to repair, enhance, and maintain the optimal health of your skin.

*** All treatments are individually blended when ordered. We do not stock pre-made treatments. ***

Vital - Benefits:

  • high performance skin care treatments with special consideration for sensitive / delicate skin – *optimizes skin structure health and delivers potent anti-aging skin care ingredients with each treatment.
  • ability to select among various treatment bases to create a more “customized” treatment compatible with your skin
  • treatments are significantly enhanced with our proprietary Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process
  • key ingredients in amounts proven to be effective in published clinical studies – no product “ingredient dusting”
  • formulated as dermatologist recommend ideal in a dermatological treatment – contains minimum ingredients to ensure maximum tolerance and key ingredients in at least their clinically or cosmeceutically proven effective amounts
  • extensive product selection that allows you to “fine tune” a treatment program to your unique requirements
  • high purity pharmaceutical grade, organic, or natural ingredients
  • investment in ultra premium quality ingredients and formulation instead of expensive packaging and promotion
  • most include our proprietary ultra premium Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, Purified Acitves Delivery Complex and/or Purified HP-Licorice Complex

Vital – Formulas:

  • help significantly help repair, strengthen and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier layer (stratum corneum) – the structure most vital to all skin health – especially sensitive skin types.
  • no excessive use of herbal extracts, essential oils, or plant oils
  • non-irritating and non-comedogenic
  • minimal amount of product needed per treatment
  • can effectively help sensitivity, irritation, rosacea like symptoms, and counteract many of the side effects associated with retinol use
  • available in a multiple selection of bases for individual customization – our treatment bases
  • treatment shelf life formulated for 6 months to avoid high quantity of preservatives
  • treatments are freshly blended when ordered