Triple Calm Serum

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soothes and reduces inflammation, promotes skin barrier repair, gently brightens skin, helps reduce breakouts/blemishes, antioxidant/anti-aging properties, adds hydration, helps accelerate healing

Key Ingredients
HP-Licorice Complex, Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, niacinamide

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Triple Calm Serum delivers fundemental key ingredients to help calm, reduce redness, and improve skin barrier health. These three properties are important benefits for unhealthy skin or to maintain healthy skin. This serum is a good general purpose serum for all skin types.

Our high potency Purified HP-Licorice Complex and Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex both work to reduce redness, calm sensitive and easily-irritated skin, while also delivering powerful antioxidant benefits

Niacinamide (B3) contributes well documented blemish reducing, skin barrier healing, skin soothing, and skin lightening benefits to the skin

Treatment blending using our exclusive Actives MicroEncapsulation Process enhances skin penetration of active ingredients, decreases likeyhood irritation, and extends bioactivity life of ingredients.

Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex
Our proprietary complex is created using the finest organic white tea in the world. Combined with one of the finest matcha green teas, green roiboos tea, and 90% polyphenol EGCG standardized green tea extracts, this ultra premium complex delivers a very potent dose of anti-oxidant polyphenols to the skin.

HP-Ultra Tea Complex also helps to reverse damage to the skin from the sun and normal aging, helps to reduce inflammation and irritation and contributes brightening benefits the complexion.

Product Use:
Triple Calm Serum should be used on clean and slightly moist skin. Use as needed.

Note: Slight tingling may occur for a small about of people when first using this product. This is due to the niacinamide. With continued use this subsides as your skin adjusts. Solution – dilute treatment with water (ideally distilled water) 50/50 and slowly decrease dilution as skin adjusts until back to full strength.

Key Ingredients:
Purified HP-Licorice Complex, Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, niacinamide

water, aloe vera juice, hydrovance, glycerin, Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, liposome phospholipids (lecithin), niacinamide (B3), HP-Licorice Complex, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, phenoxythenol, dehydroxanathan gum

1 oz treatment pump bottle