Sensitive Skin and Azeloyl Glycine (Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate – Azeloglicina)

Azeloyl Glycine – The Benefits of the New Azelaic Acid Derivative

Azelaic acid is a traditional whitening and anti-acne active ingredient. But its usage in cosmetics is limited because of its insolubility, high melt point and large dosage requirement.

Azeloyl Glycine (also known as – potassium azeloyl diglycinate or azeloglicina) is a new type azelaic acid derivative that resolves many of the “stumbling blocks” azelaic acid carries with it. Azeloyl Glycine offers higher solubility in water, requires less dosage, has better effects of whitening, and better effects controlling the secretion of sebum.

Many studies indicate that Azeloyl Glycine is a safe, highly effective, and multifunctional cosmetic ingredient.

Sensitive skin types have found azeloyl glycine easier to tolerate compared to azelaic acid.

Our treatment containing Azeloyl Glycine – Rosa-Azeloyl Cream