How to Use Treatments

Philosophy of Use
We believe it is often more prudent to use treatments focused on specific concerns instead of many concerns. We also believe that a treatment should contain a limited amount of specialized actives but the actives should always be in/or above their proven effective concentrations. Lastly, we believe if you wish to try additional actives it is best to layer or rotate different product treatments.

How To Use

  • We highly recommend doing a skin allergy patch test behind the ear or inner arm before using any new skin care product. If allergic reaction such as rash, intense itching or irritation develops, wash product off and stop use.
  • Apply prescription treatments first unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • We recommend applying each new treatment only once within 24-48 hours. This will test how your skin reacts to the ingredients and strength of the treatment.
  • NOTE – If there is some sensitivity/reaction (not allergic reaction) try one of these methods - 1) start by using treatment every other day and increase frequency until your skin becomes comfortable with the treatment 2) Dilute each treatment application 50/50 with distilled water or a very bland moisturizer that you have used without a problem in the past. Decrease dilution as skin adjusts to treatment until using full strength.
  • Shake all treatments before applying.
  • Always use on a clean and preferably still slightly damp/moist face.
  • Start by applying a very small amount with each treatment. Adjust amount if needed for next treatment. All treatments are very concentrated and will absorb quickly into the skin.
  • Ideally, wait about 5 minutes before applying other products. This will allow full absorption of actives without dilution of intended concentration.  
  • Many treatments will start to show results within 1-2 weeks or sooner. Allow at least 4-6 weeks to see results from any treatment.
  • Many treatments can be added to other moisturizers as a booster.