Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process

 Our proprietary Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process

  • can significantly enhances active ingredient(s) skin absorption
  • decreases the incidence of skin irritation
  • delivers additional¬†clinical grade¬†phospholipid nutrients and benefits to the skin
  • helps extend the timeframe of freshness and potency of bioactive ingredients

We use our proprietary Purified HP-Actives Delivery Complex. It is a blend of very gentle and highly specialized dermal penetration enhancers which includes – ultra pure pharmecuetical sourced phosphatidylcholine (90%+ purity), two types of specialized lecithin phospholipids (highest in phosphatidylcholine available), and a special organic rice bran extract.

What’s the Process?
Our process is done in two mechanical stages. First we take the actives in a given treatment and micro encapsulate them in our Purified HP-Actives Delivery Complex. We then combine the encased actives solution with the remaining formulation base ingredients.

No Chemicals Involved
The Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process is achieved through the use of a specialized device and is purely mechanical. It is a chemical free process.