About Our Toner Treatments

woman spray toner

Our uniquely specialized spray-toner treatments are blended-to-order. Most treatments go through our proprietary Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process -click here for details

Each treatment delivers key ingredients intended to significantly relieve specific skin concerns. Key ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness are delivered in the clinical amounts found to show significant results. Cosmeceutical key ingredients are delivered in the percentages recommended/or higher for effectiveness.
Toner Treatments Deliver
All formulations contain ingredients that assist in moisture barrier function repair (vital to the health of all skin types – especially sensitive) of the skin, increases hydration, and enhances overall skin health.

Most treatments contain hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) which adds superior hydration. Most treatments also contain our Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex (organic ultra premium Yinhzen Silver Needle white tea & green tea & Japanese matcha green tea & green rioobos tea & 98% polyphenols w/EGCG standardized green tea extract) which adds anti-aging and healthy skin benefits.

Two mild and gentle non-paraben/formeldehyde preservatives (one is used in eye solutions and the other is FDA accepted as food grade) are used in all treatments.

How to use
Most treatments are delivered with spray tops. This enables you to use products as an overall facial treatment mist, as a toner applied from a cotton swab, or as a spot treatment. ** Avoid eyes with all treatments.

Natural based preservatives are in minimal concentrations – use within 4 months. To help maintain potency levels and freshness keep in cool place.