OCM Recipes – DIY For Beginners

oil cleansing method

    The following recipes are provided to give a beginner to The Oil Cleansing Method an oil blend to prepare. The recipes consist of a “primary” (Castor oil) combined with “secondary” oils (vegetable, nut or fruit oils). Some will find using the exact percentages provided will work well for them, while others will eventually customize a blend by adjusting the percentage of castor oil and/or the “secondary” oil(s) used.

    Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO) are the most common “secondary” oils used by most DIY beginners to OCM. If neither Sunflower oil or EVOO work for you then substitute them with any number of other vegetable, nut or fruit oils. For more info: Alternative oils by skintype

    Tip: Dry Skin types – EVOO is a heavier oil than Sunflower oil and therefore may make a better first choice for dry skin types.
    Tip: Oily Skin types – many find grapeseed oil, safflower oil, or jojoba very effective.

    Essential oils can be added to your DIY blends to enhance the effects of OCM. For more info:

    DIY Basic Beginner OCM Recipes

    30% Castor oil, 70% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil

    20% Castor oil, 80% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil

    10% Castor oil, 90% Sunflower oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil


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