OCM – Oil Cleansing Method – Common Mistakes

oil cleansing method

  • Most common mistake – leaving too much oil residue on face. This results from from not wiping and rinsing face thoroughly
  • Not cleansing/rinsing thoroughly around the hairline, chin, and sides of face
    Water temperature is not warm/hot enough during “steaming” or rinsing step to soften and remove oils
  • Oils used are too heavy or too light for your skin type – find/create an oil blend better suited to your particular skin type

  • Using OCM method too frequently. Everyone cannot use OCM 2x daily. Some cannot use more than 1x weekly. You have to find your unique frequency level
    Not using a fresh/clean washcloth. Washcloths should be washed frequently in hot water/degreasing solution
  • Using too much/too little castor oil. If OCM results in skin dryness try reducing castor oil percentage or using heavy oils. If feels too oily try increasing the castor oil percentage or using lighter oils
  • Massaging skin with too much pressure or massaging too long
    Not using high quality oils or using oils that are not in the molecular structure best suited for OCM and skincare
  • Allergic to a specific oil/ingredient in oil blend. Find alternative oils
    When doing the “steaming” step using a water temperature that is too hot
    Washcloth used is too rough in texture
  • Some experience slight signs of breakout
    on the skin. This can appear as minor blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads for a day or two after cleansing. This is thought to be a result of oils/dirt (not toxins) underneath the skin being expelled to the surface.
  • UPDATE NOTE: Technically “Purging” is a reaction by the skin from ingredients that accelerate the rate of cell turnover (exfoliation). It is considered within the normal range of reactions. “Purging” is not an allergic reaction such as swelling, prolonged redness, itchiness, or big and painful cystic acne. If any of these symptoms appear stop using the oil(s) or product. You are allergic to a particular ingredient(s). Try other oils.

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