OCM Oil Blends vs Cleansing Oils

oil cleansing method

It’s important not to confuse traditional OCM Oil Blends with Cleansing Oils. OCM Oil blends and Cleansing Oils are both oil based skin cleansers but with one fundamental difference:

  • OCM Oil blends contain only oils and the optional addition of essential oils.
  • Cleansing Oils contain both oils and emulsifiers. (Emulsifiers enable oils to attach with water and rinse cleanly away).

Because cleansing oils are not formulated exclusively with oils (they contain emulsifiers) they do not “technically” qualify for use in the traditional Oil Cleansing Method.

Cleansing oils are becoming extremely popular. They are very effective at cleansing the skin and are convenient to use.

Similar to OCM oil blends, cleansing oils can be very nourishing for the skin if they contain high quality and nutrient rich ingredients. They are an excellent solution for those who desire many of the benefits traditional OCM offers but need the convenience (of time) conventional cleansers offer.

Although not traditional OCM, some cleansing oils (depending on how pure and natural its ingredients) can be used like an OCM Oil blend. *Our Cleansing Oils can be used with OCM.

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