OCM and Sensitive Skin – Tips

oil cleansing method

  • You must be careful to be very gentle when massaging and rinsing your skin.
  • Make sure the water temperature you use is comfortably warm – never too hot.
  • Some sensitive skin types (especially mild rosacea types) find that “steaming” over a bowl works better than using washcloth steaming. They find that they can better regulate the level of heat their skin receives by adjusting the distance they place their face to the steam source. Note: For those with fragile capillaries it is recommended to avoid the “over a bowl steaming” method and in some cases any kind of “steaming”. Instead try just rinsing gently and thoroughly with warm then cool water.

  • Select oil (s) blend that contains oils found to be soothing and the least skin sensitizing such as: rice bran oil, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed, safflower, sunflower, hazelnut, emu, calendula, mineral, sweet almond, canola and a few others.
  • Start trying OCM 1 – 2 times (not on consecutive days) the first week and monitor how your skin responds.

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