How To Do The Oil Cleansing Method?

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) is good for both women and men. offers effective deep skin cleansing, skin health enhancement, and an opportunity for de-stressing and relaxation.

Some follow the traditional steps very closely, while others customize the steps to accomodate their individual skin condition or time restraints. Commonn Modifications to OCM Steps

Cleansing Frequency: OCM can be done 2 times daily (morning and evening), but is more frequently done in the PM. There is no set rule and frequency can be customized to your skin needs. *It is recommended that first time users only do OCM 1 or 2 times the first week (on non-consecutive days) to test how their skin responds.


Traditional Oil Cleansing Method

oil cleansing method

First – get your OCM oil(s) blend. If you refrigerate your oil blend take it out a few minutes before using it – so it’s at least close to room temperature.

oil cleansing method

Next – fill your sink or a bowl with very warm (as warm as your skin can tolerate) water. Place your soft washcloth in water and let fully soak. Make sure water is kept well heated.

*Note: If you are doing a traditional facial steam, setup the bowl and hot water now.

oil cleansing method

Next – pour about a quarter size amount of your oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to spread oil out evenly and to gently warm the oil.

*Note: You do not need to remove makeup or sunscreen before doing OCM. (This is one of the strong points of OCM). But if your makeup is excessively thick – it would be a good idea to put some of your oil blend on your fingers and wipe the heavy makeup/dirty areas. Then wipe oil away with cotton or soft cloth. Next proceed with the OCM.

oil cleansing method

Next – apply oil blend to a dry face. In a circular motion, slowly and with a gentle-medium pressure, massage oil blend into your face for about 1-3 minutes. Spend extra time gently rubbing oil into troubled areas where blackheads tend to form such as the forehead, chin, and the nose. Especially spend time where large pores are a problem.

oil cleansing method

Now is the time to steam your face. Steaming will allow the OCM oils to get deeper into your pores where they dissolve hardened sebum (skin oils), draw out dirt, and delivery of nutrients is enhanced.

There are a few different methods of face steaming you can do such as:

1) placing your towel draped head over a bowl of
steaming water – see left pic above
2) placing your face over a basin of herb infused
steaming water – see right pic above
3) applying oil to face before getting into shower
and “shower steaming” the skin.
4) placing and pressing a very warm (not too hot)
washcloth over your face – as pic below

oil cleansing method

Steps for using the #4 washcloth steaming method (most popular method):

  1.  Soak washcloth in very warm water
  2.  Ring out washcloth to prevent dripping water
    3 – Lay and press washcloth over oily face
    4 – Leave washcloth on until room temperature -
    (leave on at least 1 minute)
    5 – Remove washcloth and clean in warm water
    6 – Gently massage oily face again – (do not add oil)
    7 – Repeat steps 2-5 at least 2 times

Your pores may temporarily appear enlarged while you are in the process of doing OCM. This is due to heat from steaming and/or the massaging of the skin. This should subside shortly after you have finished cleansing.

oil cleansing method

Next – with a clean and cool temperature washcloth remove all remaining oil residue from your face. It is important no oily spots are left, especially around hairline and chin.

When oil is removed, splash your face with cool water – to lower the skin surface temperature, shrink the appearance of pores, and refresh your skin.

*Some feel it necessary to use a regular face cleanser or gentle bar soap after removing the OCM oils. Although it may be necessary, it is not considered part of traditional OCM. A good solution may be to find an oil blend that will make additional cleansing unnecessary, or to use a natural based cleansing oil.

oil cleansing method

Optional – Some find that their skin needs additional moisturizers and emollients after OCM. If so, apply a moisturizing cream, serum, lotion, or oils to the skin.

*Note: If you are using this method (OCM) with an oil blend that does not contain castor oil an option is to use a small amount as an emollient or treatment.

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