Clinical-Chrysanthellum Cream

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calming, helps reduce redness, especially formulated for rosacea like concerns, antioxidant properties, moisturizing, slight skin brightening enhancement.

Key Ingredients:
chrysanthellum indicum extract (golden chamomile) 1%, HP-Ultra Tea Complex+, HP-Licorice Complex+

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Clinical-Chrysanthellum Cream is our new treatment formulated in response to the many requests for a chrysanthellum indicum extract treatment formulated for ultra sensitive/intolerant skin types requiring minimal ingredients. We now give you the ability to select a cream base best suited for you, using minimal and low sensitizing ingredients, to be used in the formulation of your treatment.

This treatment not only offers chrysanthellum indicum extract in the exact percentage found in successful published clinical studies but also includes additional amounts (in addition to amounts already in our bases) two potent ingredients proven to be gentle and especially beneficial to sensitive skin – licorice and green tea.

Note: For the addition of skin barrier enhancing and soothing niacinamide (B3) to this treatment try our Clinical-Chrysanthellum Cream w/B3

The key ingredients (as in 99% of our treatments) go through our proprietary Actives Micro-Encapsulation Process. This process encapsulates key active ingredients in pharmaceutical grade phospholipids that enhances the absorption of these ingredients while also reducing irritation and delivering essential nutrients for overall skin health.

All cream bases contain additional bio-active complexes. They deliver added soothing, antioxidant, and skin barrier enhancing benefits. See Details About Bases and Complexes for further information.

Product Use:
Clinical study resulted in significant beneficial effects taking about 12 weeks.   
Best used 2 X daily on clean and still slightly moist skin.
Apply under moisturizer.
See How to Use Treatments for further instructions.

Key Ingredients:
chrysanthellum indicum extract (golden chamomile) 1%, HP-Ultra Tea Complex+, HP-Licorice Complex+
+ = additional amounts

Base Ingredients:
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1 oz treatment pump bottle