Clarity B3 & NAG Serum

treatment pump

skin brightening and whitening, skin barrier function enhancement, improves hydration, strong antioxidant properties

Key Ingredients
niacinamide (you select 4%-6%), n-acetyl glucosamine(NAG) 2%, Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex

You MUST Select Niacinamide Amount:

Studies have recently found that the topical application of N-acetyl glucosamine (2 percent) and niacinamide (4 percent) together produced visible improvement in pigmentation after 8 weeks. Our formulation delivers those two ingredients in same concentrations.

The addition of our exclusive Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, plus our Actives MicroEncapsulation Process (that enhances skin penetration of active ingredients), offers a powerful treatment for hyperpigmentation and overall skin health. (*Especially helpful for sensitive skin types).

N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide
N-acetyl glucosamine and niacinamide block melanin production by interfering in the process at two different points – reducing formation and appearance of age spots. A key enzyme in melanin biosynthesis is tyrosinase. It is initially produced in the cell as an inactive pro-enzyme, which is then glycosylated to the active form. While n-acetyl glucosamine (a sugar itself) is not a direct inhibitor of tyrosinase, it does inhibit the activation of the enzyme, resulting in a decrease in melanin.

Niacinamide inhibits the transfer of melanin-containing melansomes to the outer layers of skin, helping prevent the formation of general dark discoloration and age spots.

Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex
Our proprietary complex is created using the rarest and finest organic white tea in the world. Combined with one of the finest matcha green teas, green roiboos tea, and 90% polyphenol EGCG standardized green tea extracts, this ultra premium complex delivers a very potent dose of anti-oxidant polyphenols to the skin.

HP-Ultra Tea Complex also helps to reverse damage to the skin from the sun and normal aging, helps to reduce inflammation and irritation and contributes brightening benefits the complexion.

Product Use:
Clarity B3&NAG Serum should be used on clean and slightly moist skin. Apply before moisturizers. Use on pigmented areas as needed. Do not get into eyes.

Note: Slight tingling may occur when first using this product. This is due to the niacinamide. With continued use this should subside as your skin adjusts.

Key Ingredients:
n-acetyl glucosamine(NAG) 2%, niacinamide (you select 4% – 6%), Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex

aqua, hydrovance, niacinamide (B3), glycerin, Purified HP-Ultra Tea Complex, liposome phospholipids (lecithin), n-acetyl glucosamine, organic carthamus tinctorius seed oil (safflower), ethoxydiglycol, polysorbate 20, hyaluronic acid, phenoxythenol, dehydroxanathan gum

1 oz treatment pump bottle